Cristiano Ronaldo on how to improve Manchester United: “I know the way, but I’m not going to say it because it wouldn’t be ethical”

Cristiano Ronaldo is undoubtedly one of the leaders of Manchester United, the Portuguese player He arrived with the mission of putting order in the locker room and returning the team to the glory years that he himself starred in more than a decade ago, however he has made it clear that despite knowing how to improve things, that is something that is not for him to say.

In a recent interview with DAZN, Cristiano Ronaldo was asked about the current situation of Manchester United and about what could be the formula to start getting victories in a forceful way, before this, he responded in a very cautious and respectful way towards his teammates.

“I know the way, but I’m not going to say it because it would be unethical for me. This year, we have to turn the page, we have a lot to gain. We must believe in it, if not, it will be a nightmare,” he said.

In this sense, the captain of the Portugal team, He sent a message to his colleagues and assured them that there is still time to do things right and achieve great things this campaign.

“We have time to improve, potential, team, new coach… Why don’t we think we can do better? We have to get into our heads that we are capable of changing things now. I don’t know the specific way, I am a player, not the coach or the president,” he stressed.

For his part, the legendary striker spoke of the dismissal of Norwegian Ole Gunnar Solksjaer and admitted that it was a tough moment:“When he left, we were all sad, but it is part of life and football. When things don’t go the way the club and the fans want, the club has to change. I was disappointed, but we have to understand the club and its leaders. It was difficult, but life goes on,” he said.

In that sense, Cristiano Ronaldo denied the rumors about a possible premature departure from the ‘Red Devils’ and clarified that he does not regret having returned. “I have returned to Manchester because I love this club. I haven’t done it for the money or anything like that. I love this club and I think we have the potential to win big things. but we must find the best way to achieve those results.”

Likewise, the winner of two ‘The Best’ awards and who this year was left out of the three nominees, made it clear what his team’s goals should be. “Manchester United must win the league, come second or third. I do not conceive another position for Manchester United. In my case, I don’t accept that our mentality is less than finishing in the top three in the Premier League.

Finally, Cristiano Ronaldo, who got tired of making history in the Spanish LaLiga with Real Madrid and won other titles in the Italian Serie A with Juventus, made it clear that for him, the English Premier League “is by far the best league in the world.”

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