Discover the mansion of Marc Anthony, in the Dominican Republic, which was the scene of “For love or for money”

In November 2021 Telemundo bet everything on the premiere of the reality show “For love or for money”. Which came to an end this January.

The program not only surprised by its theme, by its 16 participating singles or by having the actor Carlos Ponce as presenter; the show drew viewers by the great shots of the property where everyone shared for months.

“For love or for money” summoned 16 singles in search of love or $ 200,000 dollars. They all lived in an oasis located in La Romana Country House Resort, Dominican Republic, the same place where the Spanish socialite Tamara Falcó spent Christmas.

The only standout feature of this grand mansion is not its luxuries, amenities, and landscaping. What stands out the most is that said property is owned by the Puerto Rican singer Marc Anthony.

Among the luxuries of the place is its swimming pool, artificial beach, lounges equipped with designer furniture and state-of-the-art elements.

This information about the owner of the stage was released during the episodes of the reality show.

According to what some media have reviewed, the mansion has an area of ​​10,000 square feet and with capacity to receive 24 people.

It is also known that the place was bought by the renowned singer in 2014, just after marrying Venezuelan model Shannon de Lima.

According to the specialized media “Architectural Digest” The couple confessed that they had held the mansion’s housewarming party in the same week that they celebrated their unsuccessful marriage..

Marc Anthony was invited to “For love or for money” where He confessed that he bought this place because he needed a paparazzi-free beach.

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