Does having COVID-19 reduce the size of the penis?

The effects left by COVID-19 pandemic at a global level they continue to be a topic of conversation, highlighting this week the one that a man in his thirties shared in a podcast, in which he revealed that as a result of the disease his member reduced in size 1.5 inches.

The testimony was shared on the sexuality podcast “How to do it | Sex advice with Stoya and Rich” on January 10, where the production also contacted specialists to find out in detail the possibilities that the COVID-19 had this significant effect on men’s sexual health, something they called “Covid Penis” in said broadcast.

According to his statements, the man contracted the disease in July 2021, remaining hospitalized due to the severity of his condition; After recovering, he narrates that he left the hospital with erectile dysfunction, which was treated with medical help, but another problem persisted: “My penis shrank,” he says.

“Before I got sick, I was above average, not huge, but definitely bigger than normal. Now I’ve lost an inch and a half and I’m definitely below average,” he laments. The testimony reports that this reduction is the result of vascular damage and that it is likely to be something permanent, according to medical reports.

Although he says he is aware that it should not be an important issue, the patient recovered from COVID-19 assures that this circumstance has had a significant impact on his self-esteem and performance in intimacy.

For their part, the medical specialists consulted by the production point out that there are several effects on the sexual health of some men after suffering from this disease, which include prolonged erections and definitely erectile dysfunction; Urologist Charles Welliver points out that what happens when some men stop having erections for a while, the penis may lose size.

Another urologist consulted, Dr. Ashley Winter, also agrees on this possibility: “It is true that suffering from erectile dysfunction can lead to shrinkage,” she indicates; “Covid penis exists”, concludes.

Can this condition be reversed?

According to what was collected by the British media Daily Mail based on the anonymous testimony in said podcast, despite the fact that the medical part in this regard is not encouraging, it is possible that with rehabilitation measures and exercises may regain penis size eventually.

A study related to sexual health and the spread of COVID-19 published in July 2021 by the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami (United States) showed traces of coronavirus particles in erectile tissue, related to the development of erectile dysfunction, although they consider more research to make this conclusive.


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