Fans of Georgina Rodríguez have been left ojiplático, after seeing her last publication on Instagram

The photo that accompanies the last publicationGeorgina Rodríguez’s Instagram tion has left Internet users ojiplático, and it is not for less. The mother of Alana Martina and of the twins that she is now gestating within her displays all her beauty and professionalism in a posador frankly surreal, which emphasizes luxury, sophistication and also the contrasts that surround the day to day of the woman who, until just over five years ago, worked as a waitress in bars in Madrid or worked as a shop assistant in luxury stores.

Georgina stares defiantly at the camera in a striking pink dress, holding the reins of a horse that, unless it’s been photoshopped, looks fake. The scene of the print could not be more idyllic: the young woman appears in an imposing classic-style mansion, but right at the entrance there is a lime green sports car that brings modernity to the composition. It is unknown if this vehicle belongs to the wide and varied fleet of cars owned by the now Manchester United striker.

Thank you Netflix for living with me one of the most wonderful adventures of my life and thanks to all my followers and friends who eagerly await the premiere of my reality show.” Georgina has written before noting that the premiere of her program will coincide with her 28th birthday. “I can’t think of a better day than my birthday for the release of ‘Soy Georgina’. On January 27 we will all celebrate together from 190 countries”, he added enthusiastically.

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