Grandpa of Newborn Thrown in Trash by Teen Mother in New Mexico Seeks Custody of Baby

Alexis Avila, 18, has reportedly admitted to authorities that she threw her newborn baby in the trash in New Mexico.

Photo: Hobbs Police Department/Courtesy

The paternal grandfather of the newborn who was thrown in the trash by his teenage mother in New Mexico said will fight for custody of the child.

A Daily Mail report indicates that Oscar Astorga, 50, is willing to take care of the baby. Astorga indicated that his son Stephen, 16, is the boy’s father. The grandfather alleged that his son did not know that his ex-girlfriend Alexis Avila, 18, was pregnant with him. The paternal family of the minor found out about the situation after the media reported the case.

The reports referred to security camera videos that showed the teenager throwing her son into a dumpster in Hoobs.

“Of course we are trying to get custody,” Astorga stated. “Of course. He is my grandson. That’s why we can’t comment on anything because we’re trying to have my grandson,” the grandfather insisted.

As part of the evidence in the case, investigators used material obtained from surveillance cameras from a Rig Outfitters and Homestore to identify the suspect. Police allege that the young woman later confessed that she threw the child in the garbage shortly after giving birth. Authorities also disclosed the 911 call alerting the discovery of the abandoned child still with the umbilical cord on his body. Three people who were passing through the area found the infant. In the visual material it can be seen when he is rescued.

“We just found a baby in the garbage,” the person who called the emergency system is heard saying. “He is frozen and still has the umbilical cord tied,” added the witness.

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