Héctor Sandarti asks Adamari López not to lose more weight: “you’re going to disappear”

Héctor Sandarti has made a plea to Adamari López, through a comment on the Puerto Rican presenter’s Instagram account. The presenter has also asked Alaïa’s mother to please stop losing weight and she has not been the only one, in various publications some of Adamari López’s followers have told her to stop and not lose more kilos.

“Friend!!! You are going to disappear !!! Don’t go down anymore !!! You are beautiful!!“, Sandarti told López and that comment has earned more than 290 likes and some responses.

Many agree with Sandarti, while Others go on to say that Adamari underwent surgery to help her lose weight and remembering the controversy with Olga Tañón.

“Needs a little more carnita It does not look healthy that skinny ”,“ I think the same as you. Now it’s a matter of toning and maintaining. But you should not lower more ”,“ totally agree !! This is not a bad review, it is a constructive review.”And“ finally someone close to her told her the truth !!! While the other hypocrites who want to see her is older and skinny and that’s why they don’t tell her what she is… ”are some of the comments that agree with Sandarti.

While they continue to talk about the gastric balloon and reproach the presenter:

“That’s the way it should be maintained but The only thing that dramatically reduces your weight in a month is the ball, rather, she should be honest with her audience that we follow her so much and she has won the affection of thousands “

“Bariatric but of course it was operated on”

Olga Tañón had assured, heeding rumors that had arisen, that Adamari López used a gastric balloon to lose weight. Before the comment of the merengue singer, many people agreed with her and the fans assured that López lied to them about the way in which he took off a few extra kilos.

Adamari López does not hesitate to show her body without extra pounds and is constantly seen in beautiful dresses, making funny videos on his Instagram account in which many express their affection while others tell him that he is already bored with them, despite that the Puerto Rican continues to smile at the haters and does not stop publishing content.

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