Images: Through persecution, the Honduran police seized a large quantity of drugs in Olancho

During the follow-up, the suspects overturned the vehicle in which they were transporting several packages of alleged marijuana.


The Honduran Police Department reported the seizure of various packages of alleged marijuana, which was found inside a vehicle in the middle of a police chase.

According to the police report, the agents in the town of Patuca, Olancho, in Honduras, were conducting mobile patrols on the road that leads from the village of Terrero Blanco to the city of Juticalpa, when they observed strange behavior on the part of the driver of a black truck, which raised the alarms of the officials.

For this reason, they began a pursuit of the car, which according to the Honduran police itself had a sufficient advantage and when they reached the detour known as El Cruce, it was found injured and without the occupants.

Likewise, the police agents inspected the interior of the vehicle, finding several red nylon sacks, containing inside several packages of dried herb or what would be supposed to be marijuana.

So far it is expected that the authorities will count the exact amount of the alleged drug, because the truck “is difficult to access due to the rollover-type traffic accident,” they explained.

The Honduran police continue with the search for the suspects and the evidence will be forwarded to the prosecutor’s office of the Public Ministry.

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