Lele Pons and Guaynaa kiss each other underwater

Lele Pons and Guaynaa have surprised their audience with a new publication in which the cute couple gets carried away and they show a waste of sensuality when they eat kisses under the water.

The beginning of the video, which has been published on the Instagram accounts of both artists, occurs with the couple standing on the edge of a pool, then they fall while hugging each other.

The kiss that begins while they are dry continues with intensity under the water that transforms into a scene of purple tones.

Lele Pons wore a white dress, with ruffles at the bottom and matching heels, while Guaynaa wore striped pants and a blue shirt.

This overflow of sensuality underwater has generated more than nine million views and hundreds and hundreds of comments.

These are some of the most particular messages they left for the couple:

“These two make me still believe in love”

“I jump like this and drink more water”

“These could be you and me, but it’s very cold”

Lele Pons and Guaynaa do not hesitate to share funny or romantic moments of their relationship with their followers, who are aware of every detail of their romantic relationship.

Recently, the couple dressed up as Spiderman to go on a date and they went to see the most recent movie of the arachnid superhero.

Also as they share part of their moments together, the Venezuelan influencer continues alone with the funny videos that characterize her. One of the most recent was in which he is seen dancing and twerking while wearing a bathing suit on a patio. and seeing the movement that Lele makes with her body, her mother takes her by the hair and takes her out of the shot.

“Too inappropriate for my mom 😂😂😂 (wait for it) I LOVE YOU MAMAA ”, was the text that accompanied that video.

As of January 2, the date that clip was posted, Lele Pons had more than 46.8 million followers on Instagram. Now, when he has published this sexy video with Guaynaa, has reached 47 million fans on this popular social network.

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