López Obrador “is coming out” of covid-19 thanks to “home remedies”

Andrés Manuel López Obrador, president of Mexico, assured from the National Palace that “he is coming out” of covid-19 thanks to home remedies, during a message this Thursday together with two secretaries of his cabinet.

“I am very happy to communicate with you to share my satisfaction that I am coming out of covid,” he said in a live broadcast from his YouTube channel, where he was accompanied by the Secretary of the Interior, Adán Augusto López, and the head of the Treasury, Rogelio Ramírez de la O, both wearing a mask.

López, who tested positive for covid-19 for the second time last Monday, said that his recovery served to give an “encouraging” message and verify “in his own flesh” that the Ómicron variant “does not have the lethality, the danger of the variant above, from the so-called delta”.

According to the Mexican president, this new variant of covid-19 produces “very mild” symptoms, similar to those of the flu, for this reason he did not have a “special” treatment since he did not present fever, headaches or lack of oxygenation.

“Everything normal, just the hoarseness (…) and a burning sensation in the throat that is also diminishing,” he specified.

“This means that the pandemic in Mexico is on the way out,” he said, and insisted that with Ómicron there are not many risks, because although there will be hospitalizations, “we are not going to have deaths.”

He assured that for his recovery did not take special medications, despite the fact that there are antiviral drugs approved in Mexico for emergency use, since these are only indicated for people with chronic diseases and the elderly, so it was only treated “with paracetamol” and home remedies.

“Even if my adversaries laugh. They question Dr. (Jorge) Alcocer (the Minister of Health) because he said that Vaporub and yes, when I was a child I remember that we got sick with the flu and my mother put Vaporub on our chests and on the soles of our feet. (…) Those remedies and honey with a little lemon and with that one gets ahead, “he said.

The president acknowledged that if a covid test were done now it would come out “positive”, but assured that he no longer has “symptoms”.

López Obrador’s message comes just one day after Mexico notified this Wednesday 44,187 new infections of covid-19, the highest number during the pandemic, for a total of 4,214,253 cases.

In addition to 190 deaths to reach 300,764 deaths, being the fifth country in the world for more deaths from this cause in absolute numbers.

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