Mano de Piedra Durán threw a hook at Julio César Chávez: “Canelo is bigger”

‘Manos de Piedra’ gave his verdict on the greatest fighter in Mexico

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A voice authorized to talk about boxing without a doubt is one of the best Latino fighters of all time: Roberto “Mano de Piedra” Durán; Y Durán himself took advantage of an interview they did to give his opinion of the historical rivalry between Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez and Julio César Chávez.

According pointed Stone Hand, Canelo is the greatest Mexican fighter of all time by the total titles he has lifted, over another great fighter like Julio César Chávez.

Durán also made reference to the fact that it may be because of the legacy of Julio César Chávez that they do not want to accept in Mexico that Canelo became the greatest, but in terms of titles, the Colorado has four and the legend retired in 2005 accumulated three.

“Chávez is already a legend, Canelo has already won four titles, he is already another legend, that Mexico does not want to accept that is something else. How many titles did Chávez have? Three. And Canelo already has four, he’s even bigger ”, commented in an interview with ES News.

Although Mano de Piedra made it very clear the respect and admiration he feels for Julio César Chávez, he clarified that the moment that Canelo is living is special and predicts a better future for him.

“I’m happy for Canelo, because everything he’s doing is for the good of Mexico and for his. He is the boxer of the moment, there is no one else. Chávez has already passed, he is a respected idol, but the new idol, whether they want to or not, is Canelo and that must be accepted “, Hill.

Till the date Canelo Álvarez accumulates a record of 57 wins (39 by KO), two draws and two lossess (one as a pro against Floyd Mayweather), while Julio César Chávez had a record of 107 victories, two draws and six defeats.

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