Maripily Rivera burns Instagram with naked from the sauna, covers her private parts with her hands and a towel

Puerto Rican actress, model and businesswoman Maripily Rivera She is setting fire to Instagram with a video where she shows herself naked from the sauna, covers her private parts with her hands and a small towel.

And it is that Maripily has not had any qualms about showing her voluptuous naked body while spending time in the sauna to relax and continue with her exercise routines, which help her maintain her well-proportioned anatomy.

“Relaxing time !! Sauna DAY… #nofotoshop‼ ️ Made In Puerto Rico. Rice with gandules, Mofongo, Bacalaitos, alcapurrias, etc., 20 pounds more, Hahaha !! “, reads the message that Maripily posted on her Instagram account along with the daring video where she poses naked.

Maripily burns Instagram from the sauna

Maripily is a lover of exercise, and she does not leave her strenuous routines for a single day, which has helped her keep her body and mind healthy.

That is why, recently, he shared a video where he is in a sauna, where the image undoubtedly stirred the spirits of his millions of followers.

Since the statuesque actress and model, shows that at 44 she has one of the most voluptuous and well-formed bodies in show business.

For this reason, she is openly shown naked in a video she shared a few days ago, where she appears sitting on some wooden benches.

Maripily naked from the sauna

In the video, you can see that the beautiful Puerto Rican puts one leg on top of the other while doing some small exercise routines, while she gently massages her head with one hand.

Maripily covers her huge bust with one of her hands, while her intimate part covers her with a white towel.

He hasz click here to see the video

In the images you can see her marked and flat stomach, the result of her strong exercise routines.

The video has more than 9,000 likes, and a series of flattering and risque comments directed at the beautiful actress and model.

The material was taken up in the program “Today”, broadcast on Telemundo, where they praised Maripily’s great body.

Ask for willpower to exercise

Where they also showed a video where the statuesque artist talks about the exercise routines she did during the day.

I did my bike today, I did 45-minute cardio, and now I came to the sauna for 15 minutes, then took a bath and then went to bed to sleep. So that’s all for today “commented Maripily, who also encourages her followers not to slow down their intentions to exercise.

“If I can do it, I did a thousand things today, you too, it all depends on the willpower you have “, ended the beautiful Puerto Rican from the saunda, in some shots that leave almost nothing to the imagination.

If you want to see the video click here.

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