Newborn baby survives low temperatures after being abandoned in a box; was found by teenagers

At a temperature of less than -20 C a newborn baby was found abandoned inside a box of eggs on a road in Siberia.

Despite being alone in that extreme weather the little girl is in good health, Russian officials disclosed.

According to local reports, the baby was found by five teenagers in an egg crate on a remote road near the village of Sosnovka outside Novosibirsk on Friday.

One of the teenagers reported the incident to his parents, who came and They rushed the little girl to the hospital. where the doctors declared her safe and sound.

The mother of the minor is wanted by the police, which has already opened a criminal investigation into the girl’s attempted murder.

The parents of one of the teenagers who found the little girl, they want to adopt her, but they must wait to see if they can find their relatives.

The father of one of the teenagers, Dmitry Litvinov, told the Russian newspaper NGS that the five friends had gone for a walk on Orthodox Christmas Day.

“It was already dark, they were polishing their phones, looking at what was in the box,” Litvinov said. “Inside there was a girl with a rag blanket and a bottle”, he added.

After being contacted by his son Renat, he and his wife Anna took the baby by car to a hospital in the city, fearing that the girl, who is believed to have been around three days old when they found her, could have frozen and I wouldn’t survive.

Through a statement, the regional Ministry of Health reported that upon arrival at the hospital, a doctor quickly examined the baby and warmed her up by gently rubbing her arms and legs. The girl turned pink and was found to be healthy, and was later taken to a children’s hospital where she is now being treated.

The couple, who already have three children, now want to adopt the youngest. But first they must wait to find out if their relatives can be found.

If the baby’s relatives cannot be found, the new parents will have to gather documents and take special courses before they are allowed to adopt.

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