Not believing: Lorenzo Insigne’s star signing was made possible thanks to information from a website

Lorenzo Insigne will have a new team in 2022

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Toronto FC President Bill Manning revealed on Wednesday that Italian Lorenzo Insigne’s negotiation with the club began thanks to a search he conducted on the transfer website., contracts and cost of soccer players Tranfermarkt.

According to Manning, after the Italian team conquered the Eurocup, the president checked the links of the champion players on the website to see which one was close to ending their contract and found that Insigne, featured in the tournament and captain of Napoli, was first on the list.

“Last summer I went to Transfermarkt and I consulted the list of the Italian National Team that had just won the Eurocup to see which players finished their contract. And Lorenzo Insigne was one of the few who were about to end their contract ”, commented the Toronto manager.

Despite the status of Insigne Manning he was not discouraged and immediately began the approaches to finalize his signing, which in the end had its fruit and will give the club a guarantee that people will come to the Toronto stadium to see their new star.

“After looking at the list, I started to write down the players that I identified as world class and that I thought would have value in the market and Lorenzo Insigne was the first name on that list. He will be a player that people will want to come to see at the stadium “added.

The most important thing for the Canadian fans is that the arrival of Insigne will not be the only one in the team, as he anticipated new additions that will be available on the day of Toronto FC’s debut in the 2022 MLS season starting next February 26.

We believe there will be a number of important moves over the next few weeks, so before the MLS debut, the team will be complete and it will look different from last year ”, closed Manning.

The club president’s taste for Italian players is not recent. Well, in 2015 and also as a free agent, forward Sebastian Giovinco came to Toronto FC from Juventus and aspiring to become the franchise player of the currency.

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