Presenter of “Hoy” lives a strong scandal: they filter images in a very compromising intimate position

As revealed by the show Chisme No Like, Juliana Rodrigues, collaborator of the televisa morning show, “Today”. lives a strong scandal: they leak images in a very compromising intimate position. As they stated Javeri Ceriani y Elisa Beristain the consequences for Juliana could be devastating, because the program conducted mainly by Andrea Legarreta and Galikea Montijo together with Raúl Araiza, is family style.

About the above, the drivers explained: “The model let her partner take photos of her doing an or ** in one of her intimate encounters, which they showed us. Will this material end up affecting your presence on Hoy? Because being a family program it could go against your values.”

They spoke about this scandal live on the Gossip No Like program, starting at minute 40. Where they also explained that the images would not be exposed in this medium, out of respect for their followers. Reason for which Elisa has asked Javier Ceriani to explain what the scandal consisted of.

There they said that the yoga instructor was a couple of the singer José Manuel Figueroa.

Many thought that Juliana would have already closed her Instagram account, due to the hot gossip, however, it is still enabled and there you can see her very loving.

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