Raphael is honest about his problems with alcohol: “It could cost me my life”

Shortly before going to the Callao cinemas in the center of Madrid, accompanied by his wife Natalia Figueroa and their three children, to the premiere of ‘Raphaelism’, the documentary series Raphael To celebrate his 60th birthday on stage, the singer gave an interview to the television program ‘El Objective’, on the La Sexta channel, and in that conversation he had no qualms about talking at length about the origin and causes of that liver transplant to which he had to undergo, urgently, in 2003.

Now, the artist, real name Miguel Rafael Martos Sánchez, acknowledged that the deterioration of this “vital organ” was due to alcohol consumption that was too prolonged over time.

Raphael did not take long to rule out, during his interview, that he suffered from a more conventional addiction to alcohol, but that he attributed this practice to the need to solve his traditional problems in falling asleep.

“My life was going away and, furthermore, because of an absurd nonsense that I was increasing without realizing it. Y It was all to sleep, to try to rest. But a ball was formed that could cost me my life”, confessed to the journalist Ana Pastor just before referring to his busy day to day as one of the most brilliant stars of music both in his native Spain and in Latin America.

I didn’t drink for the sake of drinking, I just wanted to sleep. That started on planes and in hotels, when they put a minibar. I drank a little bottle, then two, and slept like a log all night. And the next day I could sing like angels.”

The vocalist, on the other hand, feels very fortunate to have been able to benefit from a highly advanced national transplant system, to which the fact that Spain is one of the countries that registers the most donations in the world undoubtedly contributes.

“I am lucky and honored to have received the transplant from a person who gave his life for five, five people took advantage of it,” he revealed, visibly moved.

‘Raphaelismo’ is the original Movistar Plus four-episode documentary series about the life of the 78-year-old singer, which revolves around his career and life.

It has the involvement of Raphael himself and there was access to a large unpublished photographic and audiovisual archive made available by the family.

An ambitious project created and directed by Charlie Arnaiz and Alberto Ortega from Dadá Films & Entertainment, nominated for a Goya for ‘Anatomía de un Dandy’ (2020).

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