She wants to have her 10th baby, but she doesn’t want to keep him.

The woman for years has been lending herself as a surrogate mother.


Having a child is not a decision to be taken lightly; think of all the commitments a person makes when seeking to bring new life into this world, which will be made forever.

Today many consider the possibility of giving up fatherhood or motherhood for multiple reasons that are really valid, but we also have the other side of the coin, where some dream of having a large family.

Laura McCarthy is a 33-year-old woman who has given birth 9 times to date… and she wants to go for more.

McCarthy assures that, contrary to other women, she enjoys pregnancy too much, to the point that she says she feels “obsessed” with the subject, since she is not weighed by the discomforts that this state entails.

Another thing to highlight about Laura’s story is that of the 9 babies she has given birth to,he has only stayed with 4; the other 5 have been given to couples who want to become parents but have not been able to conceive, so it has served as a womb for rent.

Her inspiration to become a surrogate mother came when she saw a TV show, after having 2 of her own children, so she wanted to help other families feel the same as her. The truth is that in order to “provide her services”, she knows the family beforehand and keeps in touch with them throughout the pregnancy.

Now is looking to get pregnant with her baby number 10, which she also doesn’t want to keep, he just wants to make other people happy who wish with all their soul to have him and who have not been able to make their dream come true.

“I am addicted to being pregnant; I hope to have a 10th baby, but I don’t want to keep it…Having had 9 babies, and definitely wanting more, I couldn’t risk having a 10th baby while being so overweight because of the associated risk factors,” McCarthy said in an interview with The Sun.

This woman hopes that, just like her, there are other girls who help couples to have children that naturally they have not been able to and for this, pregnancy should not be seen as a problem.

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