The harrowing moment in which a police officer in Argentina saves a baby from drowning; video goes viral

Those who work as police officers not only have as their main function to safeguard the safety of people, but also to assist them in times of emergency where integrity and life may be in danger.

On this topic, there are a video on social media that has gone viral and that has caused a great sensation due to the expertise shown by some policemen in Argentina and thanks to this, they managed to save a baby from certain death.

The incident occurred last Sunday in the town of San Miguel. A patrol in which a woman and a police man were traveling were making a patrol when they realized that in the street there was a woman asking for help.

The policemen approached her and noticed that in his arms he carried a baby, who could not breathe because she was drowning.

Immediately, the agents put them in their vehicle to take them as soon as possible to a hospital where they could help the baby. However, time was playing against him, so the policewoman identified as Laura Pagani took the little girl to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation maneuvers and with which she managed to save her life.

Seconds later, they arrived at the hospital, where Pagani quickly admitted the baby so she could be treated. Fortunately, they managed to stabilize her and today she is safe and sound.

The images, loaded with tension and drama due to the situation, soon went viral on social networks.

“It was an incredible moment, an inexplicable situation. As I was saying at the time, knowing that we did it and that we achieved it, beyond professionalism I am speechless, I am stunned, ”Pagani said hours later in an interview with a local radio station.

In addition, the police also explained that that day he was working overtime, so it seemed that it was already destined to save that baby’s life.

“My baby is fine, playing, screaming and running as she always did,” said the mother, who said she was grateful for life to Pagani for saving her daughter’s life.

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