The list of strangest objects forgotten in airports of the United States in 2021

We all know that by aviation rules, there are certain objects that are not allowed to be carried in luggage, being much more restrictive in terms of things that you carry in the hand compared to the one you can bill.

Before boarding a plane, employees carry out restrictive searches of both passengers and their luggage for the safety of all, causing them to have to rremove certain objects that are prohibited.

At times, this action can result in a passenger earning anything from civil penalties to fines and even arrests. Upon knowing such information as well as the flight restrictions, mMany people check their luggage before getting on the plane and leave many things “forgotten” in order to avoid some kind of punishment.

On the subject, recently The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released a list of the strangest objects that passengers left at airports in the United States.

The list of strangest objects forgotten in airports of the United States in 2021

1) Chainsaw (Nueva Orelans International Airport, Louisiana)

2) Gun Shaped Wine Stand (Sacramento, California International Airport)

3) Fireworks (Syracuse Hancock International Airport, New York)

4) Machete (Ronald Reagan Washington International Airport, Virginia)

5) Bear Spray (Destin-Fort Walton Beach Airport, Florida)

6) Small Ax (Harrisburg International Airport, Pennsylvania)

7) Gun Belt Buckle (Honolulu International Airport, Hawaii)

8) Burrito with amphetamine (Hobby International Airport, Texas)

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