The New York Jets increase the price of their tickets for the first time since 2016

Several NFL teams have raised ticket prices in recent years.

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The NFL team, New York Jets, announced that it will increase the prices of its tickets by an average of 3%.. This would be the first raise the team has made since 2016.

The Jets, who went an 11th straight season without appearing in the playoffs, kept ticket prices flat in recent years. But since the cost of products in general has increased throughout the country, Jets fans will now also have to pay a little more to see their team play at MetLife Stadium.

The Jets aren’t the only ones to do this, however, as several teams have increased ticket prices in recent years, with the league-wide average increase of 5%, according to the New York Post.

This is the third price increase the Jets have made since MetLife Stadium opened in 2010., though overall average ticket prices have since dropped.

The Jets reduced ticket prices on some seats in 2018, and next season’s prices will remain lower than four years ago in several sections, including the lower end zone, mezzanine, upper top and line side.

Season ticket holders will continue to benefit the most, as they have perks like the team’s Jets Rewards loyalty program, which allows fans to use points to pay for in-stadium merchandise.

Along with ticket increases, the cost of parking will increase for the first time since MetLife Stadium opened. However, those who purchase seasonal parking will pay 30% less than those who purchase for individual games.

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