The NFL had the most “spectacular and exciting” season in its history in 2021

The NFL recorded the most games with close results in its history in 2021.

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The 2021 NFL season was ranked as the most spectacular in history, according to the league’s executive vice president, Hans Schroeder, This despite the multiple infections of COVID-19 registered, the internal situations of the eteams and some conflict starring players.

“With incredible games and close competitions the 2021 regular season proved to be the most spectacular and exciting of all time ”, affirmed the also director of operations of NFL Media.

Schroeder reached this conclusion based on the fact that, of the 272 matches that were played, 34 were decided on the last play, the most in league history. In addition, 49 were defined in the last minute or in overtime.

For his part, the executive vice president assured that the tournament registered greater competitiveness in terms of statistics, since 64% of the total matches played, ended by a difference of just eight points, being the fourth best brand in this department.

The manager trusts that the competitiveness and spectacle that was experienced until the last game of the season between the Raiders and the Chargers, which was defined in the last second of overtime, continue in the postseason that will begin next weekend and in the Super bowl

“This year’s schedule, highlighted by an improved regular season with 17 games, gave our fans amazing showdowns. Now we expect an equally solid finish at the start of the postseason and, of course, in the Super Bowl, “he said.

Furthermore, the NFL reported an increase in the number of fans who tuned in to league games through television or social media, which had an average 17,100,000 viewers per game, the best figure since 2015 and 10% above that registered in 2020.

In this sense, it was indicated that the highest-rated game of the season was Week 12 between the Las Vegas Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys, which was tuned in by 10,800,000 fans. The lone star team appeared in five of the top 10 most-watched games throughout the season.

These were the 10 NFL games watched by more than millions of fans:

Las Vegas Raiders-Dallas Cowboys, Week 12: 40,800,000.

Dallas Cowboys-Kansas City Chiefs, semana 11: 28.700.000.

Cleveland Browns-Green Bay Packers, semana 16: 28.600.000.

Chicago Bears-Detroit Lions, semana 12: 28.200.000.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers-New England Patriots, semana 4: 27.200.000.

Arizona Cardinals-Dallas Cowboys, semana 17: 26.800.000.

Los Angeles Rams-Green Bay Packers, semana 12: 25.200.000.

Dallas Cowboys-Tampa Bay Buccaneers, semana 1:. 25.200.000.

Green Bay Packers-Kansas City Chiefs, semana 9: 25.000.000.

Dallas Cowboys-Los Angeles Chargers, semana 2: 25.000.000.

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