“They let him die”: The moving video of a Venezuelan mother in Chile who denounced medical negligence towards her 2-year-old son

The child’s mother states that the child was declared with a cerebral edema shortly after leaving the operation.

Photo: Sam Pineda / Pexels

A Venezuelan and Chilean mother denounced through social networks that due to alleged medical negligence her son “was left to die” in the hospital, this caused rejection by the migrant community and the video went viral.

Regarding the past December holidays, the two-year-old baby who lived in Chile was running when he fell and cut the little finger of his right hand with a light bulb, which caused the atrophy of a tendon, according to what he said. the mother to the Instagram account “Es Re Viral”.

“We took him to the Maipú hospital in Santiago de Chile, where he received stitches. They referred him to a traumatologist who evaluated him and told him it was surgery, that’s how they referred him to the San Borjas hospital,” Kisle Colmenares, the baby’s mother, explained to the aforementioned account.

He assured that initially the child “they did not want to attend to him because he did not have the RUT”, that is, the identification document.

Subsequently, Colmenares stated that on December 22, 2021 they called her to inform her that she had to be at the hospital the next day at 7:00 AM (local time).

“They took him to the ward around 9:30 AM, around 10:30 the traumatologist came out saying that the operation was a success, that he was waiting for the child to wake up,” explained the young mother, however despite the long wait for several days “the child never woke up”.

The young woman and her husband, both from Yaracuy state, Venezuela, insisted on asking the traumatologist and the anesthesiologist if they had made any mistakes during the intervention, but they denied it and affirmed that they had done everything “correctly.”

After this event, the child was transferred to the intensive care unit.

“On December 24 they told me that my son had a cerebral edema and they kept that same information until January 4”, the date on which he unfortunately died.

“To this day I don’t know what happened because they don’t give a logical explanation or know the cause,” said the boy’s mother.

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