Vicente Fernández: his family pays tribute to him with mass one month after his death

Cuquita Abarca, widow of Vicente Fernández.

Photo: Emilio de la Cruz / Reforma Agency

With a mass celebrated next to his grave, at Rancho Los Tres Potrillos, his now widow Cuquita, relatives, close friends and workers commemorated this January 12 the first month after the death of Vicente Fernandez.

The tomb of the famous singer is located in the main garden of the ranch, located in Guadalajara, Jalisco, right in front of the family residence.

Next to it there is a bronze sculpture about a meter high, with the figure of a charro riding a horse.

The tomb was full of flowers and also wore a photograph of the artist, in addition to one of the image of the Virgin of Guadalupe, and as a special visit, they took the Virgin of Zapopan.

The religious rite in honor of ‘Chente’, offered by the priest Juan Pablo Ceja, started at 5 pm, although from early Some relatives of the singer and his wife arrived, including their children Alejandra and Vicente Jr., who was with their four children.

Almost to start the event, her grandchildren Camila arrived, accompanied by her husband Francisco Barba and her little Cayetana; and Alex, in the company of his wife Alexia, both children of El Potrillo, the great absentee along with Gerardo, also brother of Alejandro Fernández.

Once the mass began, some ranch workers approached the tomb of the Mexican idol.

In commemoration of the first month of the death of Vicente Fernández Tranquility and effusion reigned among family and friends, because even with the use of their face masks and friendly greetings limiting physical contact, the happy faces and pleasant talks were noted.

Doña Cuquita was in the front row along with her daughter Alejandra and her granddaughters Fernanda and Sissi.

The mass ended after 35 minutes and the guests stayed to share, as they were invited to a taquiza.

Although Alejandro was not present, since he is at his house on the beach with his girlfriend Karla Laveaga, he remembered his father and dedicated a message to him through his social networks.

“For those memories that we have stored in our hearts and make us smile when we remember them and fill us with nostalgia,” he wrote at the bottom of several images that he posted on his social networks.

Vicente Fernández died on the morning of Sunday, December 12, at the age of 81, after convalescing for more than four months in the hospital due to an injury he suffered from a fall and having been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome.

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