Vithas Málaga recalls that obesity “is not just a weight problem, but a lifestyle problem”

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Obesity and overweight in Spain are a serious health problem. The data collected in the Spanish Society for the Study of Obesity (SEEDO) have led endocrinology experts to warn that in 2030 there will be more than 27 million adults in Spain with excess weight.

The Vithas Málaga obesity unit has a multidisciplinary team, where nutritionists, psychologists, endoscopists, bariatric surgeons and physical trainers improve the lives of people affected with this problem. “This is precisely what differentiates us, teamwork because we intervene in a coordinated way to achieve” the best version of the patients “”says the head of the unit, Dr. Carlos Marra-López.

Taking into account that obesity is a chronic disorder and that it has become the great pandemic of the 21st century, it is a priority to raise awareness and offer the best tools to all those people who are overweight and obese, to improve their quality and hope of life. “It is not just a matter of weight loss, you have to change the habits of the patient”, continues Dr. Marra-López, a specialist in bariatric endoscopy, who points out that the main objective of this multidisciplinary unit is “to help change habits and offer proven techniques that facilitate weight loss.”

It is a fact that in Spain the figures are increasing alarmingly. Obesity is the other silent pandemic that 21% of the Spanish population suffers and 40% is overweight, that is, more than 50% of the population suffers from weight problems. On the other hand, Andalusia is one of the communities with the most obese people in Spain, specifically 26.7% of its population, that is why Vithas Málaga promotes treatment programs that include: nutritional re-education, exercise and training programs, support psychological, drugs, endoscopy techniques such as intragastric balloon, endoscopic suture methods and surgical techniques that allow covering and treating all types of patients with overweight or obesity and morbid obesity in an individual and personalized way.

At Vithas Málaga we carry out all kinds of intervention to improve the patient’s situation from the gastric balloon of 6 months to the 12 months, Apollo method, POSE method and bariatric surgery ”assures the head of the unit.

In addition, according to the specialist, treating patients in a safe hospital environment with all services available to the patient favors the solution of any problem that may arise during the operation or during follow-up. “Our patients are very well cared for in the hospital facilities, they have 24-hour emergencies and that is another factor of success within the treatment”concludes Dr. Marra-López.

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