Ana Obregón: “I’ve been dying without you for 20 months”

Ana Obregon.

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20 months after the death of his only son Alessandro Lequio At 27, after battling cancer, Ana Obregón torn: “I’ve been dying without you for 20 months”.

Yes recovered from COVID-19 that tested positive at the end of 2021, Ana Obregón dumps on her Instagram account, a sample of great pain or ‘impotence and injustice’, as she calls it, which she feels almost two years after the death of her son Aless.

It would be selfish to write that I have been dying for 20 months without you. Because it is not about me, here I am neither the protagonist nor the victim. It would be fair to say that the protagonist and the victim are you. Because you were 25 years old when you were diagnosed with the fucking cancer. Because You haven’t woken up every morning for 20 months with that immense illusion that you had to live, to continue working tirelessly in the company you created, to go out with your friends to dance, to have fun, to create your family one day and have the five children you wanted, to earn money so that your mother would no longer work.

So today I only get two words IMPOTENCE and INJUSTICE. Because life did not want to comply with what was fair and that is why I am enormously pissed off with life. Because he ripped two hearts out of us: yours … and mine… THANKS to everyone for allowing me to share my pain”, he wrote accompanying some images of his deceased son.

Tan Only 2 years before his death, Obregón’s son was diagnosed with leukemia, and from that moment Ana stopped her life completely to dedicate 24 hours to accompanying her son in the search for a cure. He was first treated in New York, and after a first phase of chemotherapy, where he showed great improvement, they returned to Madrid.

But nevertheless, At the beginning of 2019, a new setback hit them: the return of cancer. It was like that for a year, Aless, Accompanied by his parents, he undertook a long battle that, unfortunately, he lost.

From that moment on, Ana’s life stopped, and although we have seen her returning to work at specific events, those who are accompanying her assure that she is not only devastated, but that she is going through a great depression.


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