How are Israel and Jalisco similar in terms of sanitary measures for COVID?

Israel is one of the countries in the world with the lowest mortality from COVID-19, according to statistics from Johns Hopkins University, registering just 8,290 deaths associated with the virus since the start of the pandemic.

The foregoing, according to specialists throughout the world, because Israel has become one of the first countries to authorize the use of vaccines against COVID-19, as well as one of the first to apply booster doses.

In addition, Israel has its own Council of Ministers dedicated exclusively to the health situation, in order to analyze the scope of the virus and the impact of various actions against businesses and industries due to the crisis that the contingency has left.

In this regard, Jalisco, an entity that has a population similar to Israel (8.3 million inhabitants, compared to 9.2 in that country) has adopted similar measures that have allowed good management of the pandemic, as mentioned by federal authorities on several occasions. .

Among the measures adopted, in addition to vaccination, is the reinforcement of doses for older adults, health personnel and risk groups (although in Israel it is already in its fourth application), in limiting the capacity allowed within certain closed spaces .

Before the arrival of omicron, Jalisco did not value new restrictive measures either, as Israel did, considering that the new strain is not as harmful as delta against people who have already completed their vaccination schedules.

To avoid uncontrolled infections in the country, Israel asks tourists who visit it to show that they have their complete vaccination schedule, and although in Jalisco the measure has not been implemented by its airports, these requirements are requested from the and cruise travelers, who by not verifying it, cannot get off the ship that arrives at the Entity.

In addition, since last August Israel decided to impose (for the second time) the presentation of the vaccination certificate, or negative PCR test, to enjoy recreational places and events such as concerts, cultural and sports venues, and bars, among other types of spaces, such as announced this week by the Government of Jalisco and whose measure will enter into force this Friday, January 14, and which will remain in force for at least a month.



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