The nutritionist Blanca García: “The best detox diet after the holidays is to return to the routine”

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At the beginning of the year, dozens of subsistence allowance circulate through social networks with promises to look one size smaller, and a healthier body.

Ketogenic, dash, fist, detox diets… among many others, get a multitude of followers who talk about their benefits, but also many detractor nutritionists of these forms of food.

“The best detox diet is to return to the routine” assures the nutritionist and influence, Blanca Garcia-Orea Haro who published the book White’s recipes. Everything is cooked in the gut, a text that contains recipes for those people who have little time to cook, but who want to eat healthy and delicious, without sugar, sweeteners and refined flour or additives.

Blanca’s recipe book contains more than 80 recipes for the whole family.

“After the vacation periods, Going continuously ‘on a diet’ supposes an important psychological exhaustion. Anyone who has tried it knows what I’m talking about. That’s why in my previous book Tell me what you eat and I’ll tell you what bacteria you have I propose to make food a lifestyle always from understanding. It is essential to understand what those microorganisms (microbiota) that we have inside are, and what they do for us far beyond making us gain weight or lose weight,” says the expert. And he adds: “There is a gut-brain connection established by the microbiota, responsible for how what we eat affects how we feel, our mood, the concentration we have during the day, irritability, anxiety, etc.” .

“My motto is that before going on a diet, you understand what it is for and how your body uses what you eat, and thus be able to establish it as a philosophy of life, and it will not be difficult for you to maintain it over time,” says Blanca García, known in the networks like Blanca Nutri.

Although the writer does not “marry any miracle diet”, states that “I do usually recommend an overnight fast of at least twelve hours and space meals at least 4 hours apart. It is not about eating less than necessary, but about distributing the same, but in fewer meals”, he concludes.

The influence argues that the benefit provided by the fast It is none other than the self-cleaning of the digestive system. A periodic cleaning process is activated, whose function is to sweep and cleanse the intestine of the remains from digestion, thus helping to improve indigestion, gas, bloating and bacterial overgrowth.

Everything is cooked in the gut

“Taking care of the intestine is essential to take care of our health”, confirms Blanca García. Not surprisingly, the subtitle of his book is “everything is cooked in the gut”. “In the end, it is there where we have the largest amount of microbiota, and it has a defensive function, since it prevents other pathogens from staying inside our body and causing us diseases. In addition, it also exerts a modulating function of the immune system through the recognition of aggressor elements”, he assures.

“The best way to take care of ourselves is to feed the bugs that live inside us, because they are alive and they want to help us to make sure everything works correctly”, affirms the referent healthy who has studied the link between the intestine and the quality of emotions and the state of the immune system.

Every bite counts, and more so in these times when the population is more addicted to junk and fast food, a habit that predisposes to greater exposure to diseases, depression, anxiety, and also intolerances.

“The intolerances (to fructose, lactose, or sorbitol) are usually a consequence of inflammation in our intestines. Therefore, they are not a definitive diagnosis, in fact, are reversible when we treat the digestive tract. Today, with the diet we eat, we go completely in the opposite direction of our physiology. We eat foods that our body is not able to recognize. It is logical that we are inflamed and with so many digestive problems”, concludes the expert.

How to eat after Christmas?

Blanca García-Orea Haro, specialized in digestive and hormonal nutrition, advises us to follow the following tips so that our digestive system returns to normal after the holidays:

-Do not eat continuouslyLeave at least 4 hours between meals. “In this way, you get the digestive system to do its self-cleaning of the previous digestion. Gas and abdominal swelling will improve.”

-Eat 3 times a day. “These days that you will find yourself with inflammation, avoid eating mid-morning and snacks.”

-Fast for at least 12 hours. “It’s very easy, you just have to have dinner early, around eight or nine, and have breakfast at least around eight or nine.”

-Take infusions between hours. “I especially recommend the ginger one.”

-Do not eat without hunger. “If you have eaten a large meal and at the next meal you are not hungry, do not eat, nothing happens. Listen to your body. And if you’re hungry, eat, nothing happens either.”

-Eat protein and good fats in all your meals, in addition to vegetables and fruits, so you will feel more satiated. Do not eat flour, sugar or sweeteners.

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