They attack local Conor McGregor while the fighter was present

McGregor was inside the premises when Molotov cocktails were thrown at the facade.

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The media martial arts fighter, Conor McGregor was the victim of an “attempted attack” while he was in a bar he owned in Dublin, Ireland, as reported by the Irish police (Garda) who are investigating the events.

According to the first Garda report, those responsible for the attack that they threw Molotov cocktails, they had the intention of causing material damage to the establishment named “The Black Forge Inn”, however they did not achieve the objective.

A short time later, the digital media “Dublin Live” announced that McGregor was inside the bar that was being used for a culinary event. at the time of the event. Fortunately, neither the fighter nor the attendees of the event were affected, likewise, there was no material “damage”.

In order to clarify the facts, the police have requested the collaboration of local citizens who witnessed the attack, hoping they can supply some “images taken overnight in the area”.

The controversial Conor McGregor, is known for being one of the most millionaire athletes in the world, who has also been well advised when starting his business, a clear example of this was precisely the bar that was the object of these attempted attacks.

And it is that “The Notorious” bought this place last year for more than $2 million dollars and invested a million dollars more in remodeling for making it one of Dublin’s most popular destinations for locals and tourists alike.

It should be noted that McGregor had previously bought another bar called “Marble Arch”, in which, as has become customary, he starred in an episode that outraged many of his compatriots. hitting an elderly man after a verbal argument.

A short time later, the UFC champion explained that he “sent the subject to the canvas” because refused him a drink of the whiskey brand name “Proper Number 12”, which was created by the fighter.

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