White jacket and no bra, this is how Alicia Machado poses. The queen of La Casa de los Famosos announces her new project

Alice Machado.

Photo: Alicia Machado / Courtesy

appeared on Instagram Alicia Machado wearing a white jacket and underneath it appears to be wearing no bra. The image corresponds, it seems, to the promotion of his new project. In said publication he has practically left the press release where he explains what his new adventure consists of, where he specifies that Alicia Machado premieres her monologue.

Alicia Machado’s monologue has two names, one is for Mexico and the other for the rest of Latin America. According to information provided by the Venezuelan actress. One of these productions will have the title of: “I am horny” (for Latin America and the United States), and the one that will be released in Mexico is named: “I am Kbrona.” In this project, Alicia Machado: “Plays a successful executive who celebrates the promotion she achieved due to her ability and intelligence in the company where she works,” as reported through Instagram.

In the same statement it is also explained that this businesswoman, throughout her celebration, “is letting her complexes and experiences flow and the havoc that alcohol consumption has caused throughout her life will be revealed, all acted in a tone of tragicomedy”.

This project was written by Enrique Salas, and the actress will be in the hands of Elba Escobar, director of the staging.

It is also explained that this projection of Alicia Machado can not only be presented in a theater, and that is that all those interested in having this monologue can take into consideration the following, for future hiring: “It can be presented in a theater at an unconventional space with a duration of one hour of reflection and entertainment”.

It is also added: “The show is produced by Daniel Ferrer Cubillán, CEO of Hispanomedio, which already has its first confirmed dates: on January 29 the curtain will open in Houston, on February 5 in New York, on February 19 in Miami. and in April it will arrive in Puerto Rico.”

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