Video of the fatal shot to Hispanic that crashed an excavator into several houses and cars comes to light

Man driving an excavator without control was killed.

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Joshua Gonzalez, 20, of Millville, was killed by police after he refused to stop a erratically driving excavator and that endangered an entire neighborhood.

According to the police, the events occurred on December 18 when, after the 911 received a call about a man driving and crashing a bulldozer into some houses and parked cars.

Although a month has passed since the incident, it is until now that the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office released a series of evidence that show the moment in which the police shoot the Hispanic Joshua González.

They also released, at the request of the Office of Public Integrity and Accountability (OPIA), four videos of agent body cameras, cell phone recordings and security cameras from several homes in the city of Vineland, located south of Philadelphia.

Thanks to the videos, it can be seen that when the police arrived, around 5:00 am, tried on several occasions to calm down, through various maneuvers, Joshua González, however, he did not stop his actions and crashed the excavator more than once against some houses, as well as against some patrols that arrived at the scene, an ambulance, as well as a car in which a woman was shouting to be in ‘ shock’ after the strong blow.

Given the refusal of the Hispanic, Sergeant Louis Platania fired his weapon at Joshua González who fell down on the spot; Despite medical efforts, the Hispanic died at the scene.

in the videos You can also see the lifeless body in the apartment of Joshua González.

After the events, the woman who was inside the car told KYW-TV that “I’m not fine, I’m in shock. I was going to work. I’m traumatized and I can’t stop crying about it.”

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