Pepsi and Beyond Meat to launch plant-based beef jerky

Beyond Meat’s plant-based beef jerky has 10 grams of protein.

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The presence of plant-based products that mimic meat is growing their presence in the market and increasing consumer demand. Pepsi capitalizes on this trend and in partnership with Beyond Meat, will launch jerky beef jerky.

A sample product photo published by Bloomberg shows a package of jerky specifying that the product contains 10 grams of vegetable protein, does not contain soy, gluten or genetically modified organisms.

The beef jerky would be Pepsi’s first plant-based product a year after it announced the creation of a empresa conjunta con Beyond: The PLANeT Partnership.

Neither of the two associated companies has made the presentation of the new launch of dried meat. In a video posted on YouTube, Amber Criste showed off and tasted the Beyond-developed snack that she purchased at a local store in upstate New York.

Criste said the jerky tastes good and very much like real meat, spicy and chewy.

Previously, Pepsi stated that the venture it has with Beyond is intended to develop, produce and market innovative snack and beverage products made with plant-based protein.

The PLANeT Partnership will leverage Beyond Meat’s technology in plant-based protein development and PepsiCo’s world-class marketing and commercial capabilities to create and scale new snack and beverage options. The company expected new products to launch in early 2022.

According to Beyond Meat, the partnership with Pepsi will allow its products to reach more consumers by entering new product categories and distribution channels, increasing the accessibility of plant-based proteins around the world.

More recently, Beyond has been developing plant-based products for large fast food companies. With KFC, after years of development, he introduced Beyond Fried Chicken in the United States, plant based chicken.

He also collaborated with McDonald’s in the making of McPlant, a plant-based burger, which debuted in 2021 in several countries, including the United States.

With Panda Express, he made Beyond The Original Orange Chicken, the plant-based version of the Chinese-American food chain’s iconic Orange Chicken.

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