Nobody safe: with ax and hammer an invader wanted to enter the New York City Hall while Mayor Adams promises “security”

Eric Adams campaigning for mayor of NYC, August 2021.

Photo: Edwin Martinez / Impremedia

An armed and mentally ill man was arrested after trying to enter New York City Hall yesterday, police sources said.

The suspect attempted to enter the building’s west door at Broadway and Murray Street in Lower Manhattan with a tool belt containing an ax and hammer, reported New York Post.

City Hall staff and NYPD officers responded to the scene and the unidentified man voluntarily removed his utility belt, but continued to be aggressive and refused to comply with orders to calm down, sources detailed.

NYPD then tasered him and the man was taken into custody. without further incident. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation. No one was injured.

City Hall is home to the New York City Council and Mayor’s Office, and is the oldest building in the US still serving its original function as the seat of municipal government. Ironically, yesterday’s incident happened while the New Mayor Eric Adams, a former NYPD, is dealing with two of the big problems he inherited: homelessness and violence, in the streets and the subway.

The escalating shootings in New York City have already left 20 people dead so far in 2022, so yesterday the mayor Adams laid out an aggressive plan to fight guns and crime, which includes greater police presence and action, and prevention actions such as increased economic opportunities, improved education and greater access to mental health support initiatives.

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