The best tolerated wheat by the body

More and more people are concerned about having a healthy diet and lifestyle. One of the recommendations to follow this purpose is to reduce the consumption of bread, something that can be difficult for many. For this group of people there are healthier alternatives to bread made from common wheat.

According to specialists, the best tolerated wheat by the body is spelled. Currently many people have chosen to consume products made from this seed, but the truth is that its consumption dates back to the Neolithic. In fact, in the Coveta de L’Or, which is located in Valencia, remains of spelled from the Neolithic have appeared, around 4,300 BC.

This cereal has also been used in the Ancient Egyptians and in the Roman Empire, where they made breads and porridge and promoted its cultivation throughout Europe. Even in the Middle Ages, spelled was only available to the upper class, since the humblest could only consume bread made from rye.

The decline in its use began in the 19th century because the grain is protected by a very hard shell and needs to be husked before grinding. Likewise, common wheat is more profitable and productive than spelled, so the former ended up displacing the latter for productive reasons, but not for having better properties.

It’s more, spelled outweighs all the benefits of common wheat:

  • Has more proteins. Spelled specifically has around 15% compared to 10% of wheat. And not only this, but the ones it has are of higher biological quality.

  • has a lot fiber, something that helps intestinal transit and people who are trying to lose weight. As if that were not enough, the fiber contained in spelled delays the absorption of carbohydrates, which is why it is also recommended for diabetics.

  • Spelled has more minerals than common wheat, especially magnesium, phosphorus, iron and zinc.

  • This cereal contains vitamins B, E and A. having vitamin B12 It helps a lot to prevent or reduce headaches or migraines.

For all the properties it has, spelled can help people who have cardiovascular and cholesterol problems, and also diabetics or those with obesity. Too improves and strengthens the immune system.

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