VIDEO: The military technique to fall asleep in just two minutes

This technique promises to help you beat insomnia in a few minutes.

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The causes of insomnia can be many and varied, but particularly in these times of pandemic and uncertainty, falling asleep can be a challenge; In fact, there is a phenomenon that has been called “coronasomnia” related to the appearance of COVID-19 and the lack of rest. However, this military technique to fall asleep in just two minutes shared in a video promises to help on those difficult nights.

Fitness specialist Justin Agustin shared a method on his TikTok account that, he says, it is taught in the Army so that soldiers can sleep in any circumstance. And boy, sleeping in a war camp, in more than uncomfortable conditions, must be quite complicated.

“This technique was developed in the Army to allow soldiers to fall asleep anytime, anywhere, even on the battlefield when the environment is extremely uncomfortable and there is a lot of noise. Sleeping for a soldier is crucial, ”says the tiktoker. Particularly for pilots, it is essential to achieve a restful sleep, as they require to be alert and maintain their reflexes at all times.

The step-by-step technique

The procedure described by Justin Agustin consists of the following:

1. Take a deep breath for a few seconds and prepare to relax your entire body, starting with the muscles of the forehead and face, the eyes, the cheeks, and the jaw.

2. Keep your attention on your breath and relax your neck and shoulders as much as you can.

3. Release your arms, hands and fingers. Then imagine a warm energy that runs through your body from the head to the tips of your fingers, and then goes to your heart and toes.

4. Take a deep breath in and exhale slowly, while relaxing your chest, stomach, and legs from your thighs to your toes.

5. Imagine now that you are lying in a canoe that sails on a calm lake and that a blue sky is above you; or, think you are in a black velvet hammock in a dark room.

6. If at any time your thoughts distract you, repeat for 10 seconds: “Don’t think, don’t think, don’t think.”

To be fully effective, you should practice this technique for six weeks. The tiktoker ensures that it works for 96% of people in just two minutes.

Some video network users commented that the technique works. “I had a veteran as a psychology professor in college who taught me this. It definitely works,” one woman wrote. “My doctor taught me this technique with slight variations when I had insomnia due to post-traumatic stress disorder. 100% works once you get the hang of it,” wrote another.

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